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Black Friday has come and gone and while retailers are seeing green, I’m seeing red. A lot of people tend to put the brakes on their job searches during the holiday season and that’s a big no-no. There’s still plenty of activity going on in the job market. I have several clients with interviews in the coming weeks and offers that we’re in the midst of negotiating.
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Unless you’re actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, Yankees baseball star Alex Rodriguez or maybe The Donald, chances are you’ll be making your next career move without the aid of an agent. But recruiters (also known as headhunters) may be helpful.
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The “Nobody’s Hiring” Myth!

by Linda Lupatkin

Yes, unemployment is ridiculously high but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t positions out there to be had by the savvy and informed job seeker. Even companies with supposed “hiring freezes” are still hiring due to retirements and turnover.

In our own experience here at The Imagemakers, Ink!, we’ve had 8 of our executive / professional clients find gainful employment in just the past several months.

The key thing to understand though, is that traditional methods of job hunting aren’t cutting it in this market. Job boards (with which many job hunters become obsessed) should be a very small percentage of an effective career search campaign with networking at professional, alumni and other associations becoming a much larger part of the overall strategy.

Social Media is also playing a large part in discovering those hard to find opportunities that are frequently only mentioned through social networks.

The truth is that there absolutely is a “hidden market” out there for your services. It’s just that now you have to “work it” like never before and make it your business to get the information and strategies you need to be successful. This applies whether you hire a professional career coach or educate yourself via the web.

Either way don’t sit around and wait to hear from something you applied for on a job board because you could be waiting a long, long time. Remember there ARE companies out there who are hiring. They’re just doing it in a very different way than you think.

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There’s a world of opportunity and it’s just a mouse click away. Every day I talk to clients who fail to comprehend the incredibly useful tools that are available to them on the Web. I have to educate and advocate on the usefulness of the Internet and in particular social media. Tools like LinkedIn, Twitter and Google alerts can dramatically reduce the time of your job search.
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I have a client who was looking for a position as VP Sales. Following my advice, he paid close attention to companies in the news and by doing so he discovered a company that was preparing to launch a new product. (Following a company on Twitter can also be a good source of information, but that’s for another Blog post). My client determined the company could use his sales expertise, plugged the company into the Advanced search on LinkedIn and found he had a connection to the company through one of his own contacts. He arranged for an introduction, set up a meeting and voila, the company created a position for him.
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Hurdles, insurmountable odds. That’s what you may feel you’re facing if you’re looking for a job in the current economy. Every time you turn on the news you see: rising unemployment numbers, companies contemplating layoffs and now chaos in Cairo (what will that do to gas prices and inflation here?). And you think, “why should I even try to find a new job?”
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