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This begs the question of how you received the interest of the potential employer in the first place. Might it have been a resume? I certainly agree that a LinkedIn profile and online Web Portfolio can complement the traditional resume, but you’ll still need to tell a compelling story about your experience and expertise in the content of those online tools, especially at the executive and upper professional levels. How many executives are spending hours on social media, generating a following through entertaining tweets. And if they are, would your really want them running your operations?
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In the early days of mining workers would carry a canary into a mine shaft to check out the air quality. If dangerous gases such as methane or carbon monoxide were present, the canary would die signaling the miners that they would be next if they didn’t leave the tunnel.

In today’s job market, if you’re sending out a resume that doesn’t fly, in other words a resume that’s not getting you calls or interviews, you should take a lesson from the miners, come up for air and figure out how to improve your resume. More often than not, a bad resume will kill your job search.

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Oh, but we have come a long, long way in the evolution of the resume. Objective statements (what I want) are passé and have evolved into marketing statements (what you, the employer wants that I have) and we’ve learned that mass mailings don’t work
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A resume is like a road map, leading to your destination and if yours is not, it should be. When you’re going on a road trip you have a destination in mind when you start and then you plot a course that will get you there. Each turn has meaning, designed to get you to your ultimate goal.
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What is a resume? It’s a marketing tool and as such it should be the very best representation of you, the product. It’s really basic marketing and advertising and yet the biggest mistake job seekers make is they don’t think of it that way. Think about the commercials you see on TV. Are they telling you everything about their product? No, they’re telling you the highlights to capture your attention and imagination. To that end, the following are the five most common resume mistakes.
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